Just Breathe
Allah brings change. He is the Changer of our hearts and condition. Be patient. Be patient.


 Surat Al-Mulk, Verse 13. 


I feel so empty
Ya Rab
Fill me
Fill me
Fill me

Surah Ibrahim, Verse 38. 


He’s praying for her.

She’s praying for him.

Little do they know, Allah sealed their fate with each other before they were even born.

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Most importantly, let us all remember to thank Our beautiful Lord who has accepted our prayers and provided Palestine with peace. Truly, He is the One who is Most Compassionate and the Responder to the prayers. O Allah, we praise You for Your mercy, kindness and compassion. Truly, You are the Best of Helpers. O Allah, may this ceasefire be the first of many victories that the Palestinians have yet to enjoy. 

Allahumma Ameen


I just wanted to squeeze all the beautiful people who have been showing Palestine their undying love when I heard the news of the long-term ceasefire. Love you all and pray that your hearts are forever protected from apathy and greed that prevent you from being compassionate to the oppressed and innocent. Ameen.

Have a blessed Jummah everyone! :)
Oops, first bullet has an error. I meant to say tahajjud not taraweeh :)
21:17"Tujhe banaya hai uss ne toh kya tujhay chor de ga? Kabhi maa mailay main bachay ki ungli chorti hai? Agar choot bhi jaye toh bacha itna beqaraar nahi hota jitni maa hoti hai. Phir Allah insaan ko kaise chor sakta hai? Tujhe kaise chor sakta hai? Uss ki nazar main jo aik baar aa jata hai hamesha rehta hai" —

Translation: Do you really think He’d leave you alone after creating you? Have you ever seen a mother let go of her child’s finger at an amusement park? Even if they do separate, the child doesn’t become as restless as the mother. So then how can Allah leave someone? How can He forget you? Once He has set His gaze upon you, you will forever remain in His sight.

Shehr E Zaat, Umera Ahmed

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Anonymous: Hi! What's the best way to memorize the Quran? I have a very busy schedule so I might one hour of free time on weekdays. Also, who do you think is the best qari for learning the Quran? Thank you so much!


Download the teaching style Quran found on mp3quran of Khalil Al Husary. He will teach you perfect tajweed. Start with Juzz ‘Amma and work backwards till you finish 29th Juzz, then memorize Waqiah, Rahman, Yasin, Furqan, Sajdah, and Yusuf, then do Juzz 11-28, then finally the last 10 Juzz. Start with three ayats a day and increase the daily amount whenever you feel you can handle more. May Allah accept and make you a hafidh Ameen.


Omar Suleiman is easily the most sincere and principled imam I’ve seen and keep up with.